World condemns Zim unrest

World condemns Zim unrest
January 21 15:19 2019
By Diplomatic Correspondent

The international community have expressed deep concern over the recent fuel hike protests in Zimbabwe which were marred by property looting and allegations of gross human rights abuses.

In a statement from Brussels, the European Union denounced the violence and use of excessive power by Zimbabwe authorities on its citizens.

“The escalation of violence in Zimbabwe over recent days has been aggravated by the disproportionate use of force by security personnel. We expect the Government of Zimbabwe to uphold human rights and the rule of law, as enshrined in the Constitution, and ensure due legal process for those detained. Access to medical services should be granted to those in need. It is essential that demonstrations be carried out peacefully; the destruction of private or public property is unacceptable.

“Moreover, the shutdown of access to the internet should also be reversed. Access to information is a universal right and should be respected by Government in accordance with its constitutional and international obligations,” reads the statement.

The EU delegation in a statement urged Zimbabwean Government to conduct a thorough investigation of the deaths and abuses over the last week and urgently implementing recommendations made recently by the Commission of Inquiry on post-election violence are particularly relevant and require urgent implementation.

Similar sentiments were also echoed by the Canadian mission to Zimbabwe, “The Embassy of Canada is concerned about the violent unrest in Zimbabwe over the past week and by the disproportionate response of security forces that has resulted in fatalities and injuries. Authorities must respect peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. At the same time, this right should be exercised peacefully.”

“The Embassy calls for security forces to exercise restraint and notes disturbing reports of the use of live ammunition, intimidation and excessive force. We call upon the government to ensure respect for due process and the rule of law and to investigate allegations of human rights abuses,” read the statement from Canadian Embassy.

Earlier on the British Minister of State for Africa, Harriett Baldwin said she had summoned the Zimbabwean ambassador to United the Kingdom discuss about the recent civil unrest in Zimbabwe.

“I have been following the events in Zimbabwe over the last week with growing concern,” she said in a statement. “We call on the Government of Zimbabwe to ensure its security forces act professionally, proportionately and at all times with respect for human life and constitutional rights. We further call on the Government of Zimbabwe to investigate all allegations of human rights abuses. We also urge the reinstatement of full internet access, consistent with citizens’ constitutional right to freedom of expression.”

The fuel protest which engulfed the country were ignited by recent fuel price increases announced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. However, the government believes that the protest have nothing to do with fuel price increases but it is being propelled by regime change agents.



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