Lady driver for Zero Hunger

Lady driver for Zero Hunger
May 10 21:26 2018

Looking back at close to 20 years behind the steering wheel, Patience Haruzibwi says it takes humility, hard work and courage to achieve goals she once considered unattainable.

Patience joined WFP Zimbabwe in 2003 as a driver, after serving in the same role with the Government of Zimbabwe in the Central Mechanical Equipment Department. She proudly recalls once driving former WFP Executive Director, James Morris. But the crown highlight of her career, she said, has been breaking into what was once considered a man’s field.

“People always look at me with surprise when they realize a woman is driving a Land Cruiser, especially in rural communities. It’s what keeps me going.”

Patience recalled one particular incident in 2004. As she and a female field monitor were returning from a food distribution point, an elderly woman attempted to stop her vehicle at a business centre. She recalls slowing down to avoid running her over. The woman started dancing and ululating, and said: “I have been waiting here since morning. I saw you driving past and realized it was a woman driving, I am old but I was sure my eyes were not deceiving me. I just had to make sure so I spent the day waiting for your return. I am proud of you my daughter and will pray for you always.”

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