Korean Ambassador preaches peace

Korean Ambassador preaches peace
November 07 13:53 2018

By Reginald Tapfumaneyi and Masline Mavudzi

The Korean Ambassador to Zimbabwe has called for unity and harmony so as to avoid conflicts between different nations.

Ambassador Choi Jaichel said unity and harmony built on mutual understanding was needed to achieve development in Korea and Zimbabwe.

He was speaking during the Korean Food Festival held recently in Harare under the theme, “Harmony of Flavors, Harmony of Minds and Harmony of the World”.

“In today’s inter-related society the importance of harmony is increasing within a society, within the region across the world. In the Korean Peninsular the efforts by the Korean Government to overcome the divisions of the past days and creating harmony are being continued in collaboration with the international community. It is clear that unity and harmony based on dialogue and mutual understanding are needed to achieve development as we can see from the history,” he said.

Ambassador Jaichel urged Zimbabwe and Korea to maintain the special and unique relations they have shared over the past years.

“Since my arrival in April I have found out that Korea and Zimbabwe have many things to share with each other, in terms of history based on agriculture, peace loving culture and no doubt for love of harmony. Both Koreans and Zimbabweans have a cherished tradition of valuing unity and harmony among different people, regardless of the ages or the society. he said.

Ambassador Jaichel advised Zimbabweans to take action towards the development of their country.

“Like Korea, we achieved a miraculous development from the ashes of the war, now Korea is the only country in the world that has changed from a recipient country to a donor country. I believe Zimbabwe is no exception. I have believed and told my friends that Zimbabwe is a country with great potential, kind and intelligent people, rich history and culture as well as abundant natural resources,” he said.

Ambassador Jaichel also pledged to support the Government and the people of Zimbabwe through his Government by sharing the development experience so as to ensure the recovery of the nation.

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