Chinese firm refutes ill-treatment of workers allegations

Chinese firm refutes ill-treatment of workers allegations
July 05 10:20 2021

Staff Reporter

A Chinese company operating in Zimbabwe, Sunny Yifeng has dismissed allegations of ill-treating and underpaying its employees as unfound and unjust.

The Norton based company was recently under fire for not providing employees proper protective clothing, safe working environment, standard meals and recommended salaries.

Speaking during a press conference held at the company’s premises recently, Sunny Yifeng’s deputy director Terry Taruvinga rubbished such claims as deliberate efforts to tarnish the company’s image.

“A picture that circulated on the internet recently raises the issue that our food is poor and the environment is poor. The dishes in the picture do not match the menu provided by our staff canteen. Employees on duty are entitled to free meals provided at no calculated cost. Our company has a three-shift system with nearly 300 employees and quality and healthy food is provided to each one of them,” refuted Taruvinga.

On the allegations of underpaying its employees, Taruvinga said the company’s wage rate is based on the National Employment Council’s (NEC) Collective Bargaining Agreement for Ceramics and Associated Products Industry.

“We fully comply with the agreements made by the National Employment Council for our industry. We deny the facts that our company’s salaries are unattainably low as what is appearing in the media. The company’s wage payment comes from suggestions from our National Employment Council. Currently, the company’s payroll is a combination of partial cash payments in U.S. dollars and local currency transfers. This makes the reports hoarse and unjustified

“As Sunny Yi Feng Tiles Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd, we have created 1,700 jobs for the youths in and around all parts of Zimbabwe since the establishment of our company in 2018. We have had quite a beneficial skills transfer program that has trained and nurtured a large number of unskilled personnel into semi-skilled employees. With guidance of the National Employment Council and our Workers Committee, we will continuously improve our employer-employee relations,” he said.

Taruvinga said the company established in 2018 is doing very well creating many opportunities for its stakeholders and the country at large.

“Since the establishment of the company, we have been involved in many corporate social responsibility activities. Furthermore, our products have created an ever-available source of tiles and other ceramic products. Our products have aided to the upgrade of living standards of many of our stakeholders. According to the survey statistics, the price of tiles has been reduced by more than 40% and this has made the products more affordable. Our exports have improved the foreign currency and tax revenue generation for the country,” remarked Taruvinga.


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